I am not a victim.
I am a survivor.
I do not need to be saved.
I do not need help in becoming “normal.”
I do not need to be talked at….or patronized
In order to put
“It” behind me.

Putting “It” behind
Changes who I’ve become.
“It” made me who I am.
“It” makes me stronger.
“It” taught be to be more understanding of others.
“It” showed me that compassion is more powerful than contempt.
“It” opened my eyes,
Allowing me to be capable
Of NOT letting others make me feel
Less than.

What I do need is:
For people to believe in me
A partner who is strong enough to weather the ups and downs
Loved ones who’ll listen.
Friends who’ll hold my hand when I do cry

Survivors need only love….to survive.
let go


2 thoughts on ““It”

  1. […] “It” (debracolby50.wordpress.com) […]

  2. debra colby says:

    Thank you Clarabelle for the link to your blog and for leaving my link on yours.

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