The Price of a Hug

snuggle Just read a blurb in a magazine that said in a café in Japan women are getting up to $75 an hour to let a man lie beside them and snuggle – and just snuggling – no sex, no touchy-feely funny stuff either. Jeez-where’s my snuggie blanket? For a twenty dollar bill, if a man needs a snuggle, I’ll gladly hand that fluffy thing over to him so he can wrap it around him. What? I have to be in it….um, on second thought – maybe not.

Still, I can’t believe how floored I can get when I read the things people will do for money or the things people will pay for. Then again the lonely hearts club is a big club – and in order to get some kind of connection or closeness with another person, people are willing to shell out the big bucks for even the tiniest bit of contact.
I feel certain I wouldn’t pay for a snuggle, but if I think about it I have paid for things that in hindsight, to another culture, may leave them scratching their heads as to why we would pay for something that seems so silly to them.

barefoot worker
For example: a person who runs around barefoot all day and naked feet are a way of life, it would seem ridiculous to them to pay someone to scrape off their calluses, dig out an ingrown toenail, or push back a cuticle in order to splash on a few layers of glittery nail polish. Especially, considering how they’re just going to walk back out of the salon again on those same naked feet. The whole ordeal would be messed up in a matter of minutes and be considered a colossal waste of money.

What about the person whose job it is to siphon the port-a-potties at a state fair or public gathering? We pay people to do that – and gladly. Shoot, I avoid just looking down that stinky hole when I’m forced to use it. I can’t even imagine being the person who has to pump the crap out all day – literally.

We pay people to make us laugh. And we laugh the loudest when a comic zeroes in on us and then proceeds to rip us apart – can you say…“Celebrity Roast?” Who pays someone to make fun of them? Celebrities do and they pay huge sums of money to have someone do it. They put on a dinner with a comedian entertainer who will talk shit about them in order for everyone else to see that they don’t take themselves too seriously; that they’re good sports.


WTH? I wouldn’t want some lame comedian trash-talking me and having all my “so-called” friends laugh the loudest at it. Me and my friends can make fun one another quite well without the help of a “comedian.” We can crack one another up like there’s no tomorrow and we don’t have to pay each other to do it.

But the worst of it is, we pay for the privilege of killing ourselves. Yep, we’re killing ourselves every day and we gladly pay to have it done. It’s called the grocery store. Our very own food is killing us. We need it to survive, but the choices we make is what’s gonna get us in the end. Overindulgence, toxins, bad eating habits and unhealthy choices.

Which leads me back to the $75 snuggle, which could be called an unhealthy choice as well – well, maybe not the snuggle – that’s good for the mind and soul – it’s the $75 an hour that might kill you. It could cause a heart attack, especially if you fell asleep in the “Snugee’s” arms. The cost of that all-nighter might just kill you.
heart attack


2 thoughts on “The Price of a Hug

  1. Pete C says:

    Such a long list of stupid things we pay for. “Discount Warehouses”, such as Sams Club astound me. Come in and buy our products so we can make a huge profit…but wait, you have to PAY US for the privilege of buying from us. lmao!

    • debra colby says:

      LOL Pete!!! I know…and I never shop in those places. My ex used to have an “entry” card and I used to make him take us there at lunchtime on the weekends…so I could stop at ALL the sample booths and have a free bite to eat (cuz nobody else ever does that, right). Thanks for reading, Pete!

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