Bitchings & Blessings


We’ve all heard of “Bitch Blogs” – a blog or diary of things that get the writer all riled up and then has them letting loose in the written words of their blog or diary. To be honest this is something I’m guilty of doing from time to time.

There always seems to be something or somebody who pushes me over the edge, but for whatever reason I’m unable to get up into their faces about it. So, I end up taking my pissy mood out in my “bitch blog.” And yeh….it does help to relieve some of that anger in a less confrontational way. And it probably is a much healthier outlet than going off on someone.

Today though, I read something and I’m going to give it try, it’s called a “Blessings Blog.” Instead of bitching, I’m going to count my blessings rather than finding fault in someone else’s bad behavior. And I’m going to start with a list of ten things that made me grateful that I got out of bed today instead of burying my head further beneath the covers.

burying head

1) I did in fact, get out of bed and used my two, healthy, strong legs to cross the room and go into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee.

2) That I actually had coffee to make coffee with – because the worst thing ever is to desperately need coffee and then find that….you’re out!

3) Two wonderful text messages from friends I hadn’t seen or heard from in a long time, telling me they were thinking of me and hoped I was doing well.

4) That I have friends who care for and love me.

5) My car started.

6) That I have a working vehicle that is relatively care-free and easy to maintain.

7) My paycheck was waiting to be deposited.

8)That I even have a job to collect a paycheck from, when so many others don’t.

9) My sister welcomed me when I came to visit her and that she had fresh coffee – did I mention that I was a coffee-slut?


coffee love


10) That I have family close-by and am always welcome at any of their homes – no matter what. As they are mine. Because family is the most important thing.

My blessings may seem simple, but life really doesn’t need to be so complicated. That the little everyday things are what count and the rest is icing.



2 thoughts on “Bitchings & Blessings

  1. Bob H says:

    Nice. It’s too easy to overlook the simple fact that you got up in the morning. And yes, the coffee allows us to function after we do that. I am also proud to be a coffee slut.

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