Singledom vs Wedded Bliss

conan red sonja 2

Singledom comes out swinging

Fighting off the power that love is bringing.

Singledom pushes hard to the chest

Wedded Bliss reaches out to gently caress.


Singledom steps back and slaps the hand

That offers the shine of a golden band.

She raises her fist and tries to connect

With the smooth, square jaw that leads to a neck.

wonder woamn


Wedded Bliss captures her fist

And covers it with a warm, easy kiss.

Singledom feels her resolve slowly melt

Even before his soft lips are felt.

love 4


She snatches her hand firmly away

Not wanting her denial of love, to sway.

She prefers her independence, never needing a man

Relying only on herself, she makes her stand.

love 2


Hands on her hips, eyes defiant

She challenges him to keep on trying.

The challenge accepted, he strokes her arm

Willing her to see, he means her no harm.

love 1


She closes her eyes, not wanting him to see

The love that she so secretly needs.

She’s always been tough

Fighting her heart, keeping it rough.



She peers through long lashed eyes

Being careful, so he doesn’t realize

That she needs this man, who is willing to go toe to toe

This man who claims to be in it for the entire load.

anime love


Love, marriage, children, he wants to commit

To this woman who valiantly tries to resist.

anime love3


She tries for one last effort to KO love.

A throw to the heart

To keep him far and apart.

Again he covers her fist fully with his grasp

Pulls her strongly to him, her breath catches and rasps.

He lowers his head, his lips kiss with demand.

She pushes him away, with force and command.

anime love2


As she tells him, “You’ve lost.”

He leans into her to whisper, “Round one goes to Singledom, but the battle’s not over.”

“Round two will show Bliss to be like as lucky as a four leaf clover.”


He smiles and kisses her with heat-filled passion.

Unwillingly she feels her heart slowly crashing.

anime love 8


From my book:


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