The Monsters in My Closet

monsters in closet 2

They’re still there.

They’ll wait forever.

They know I think of them.

They call my name.

fighting demons

They want me to come back to them.

They hate that I left them, that they don’t scare me any longer.

That my loss of fear makes them weaker.

That their loss of control makes me stronger.

They also know that their hold still lingers.

That it would only take one broken trust to push me back into their arms.

demons 2

So they wait for me to lose my heart to love,

Because love is the biggest hurt of all.

For my faith to be shattered,

Because God is supposed to keep those we love safe.

They wait for me to lose hope.

Because without hope, there is no safe place.

monster in the closet

The monsters hide behind the thin door, peeking through the cracks.

The cracks may be small and jagged, but the monsters know how easily they splinter.

They wait. They are patient. They know I have my whole life, so they constantly jiggle the knob.

monster in closet 3


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