A Moment, Please

I’m having a moment, an epiphany, a thought, an idea of how things should be…..




supposed to be

i changed





be strong




There it is….I’m happy. 




2 thoughts on “A Moment, Please

  1. Victor Vardamis says:

    Debate. I enjoy reading your insightful words about you look on life yourself your relationships and the pate you are on. I believe the need to share your outlook is strong and from a strong sensitive and knowing woman with a good grasp on the important things in life that drive us to always try to do better. I am on my own journey and have gone down many roads and experenced many hard and easy and some fun times and have come to my own conclusions about life the universe and myself and what I want and need. I’m finding myself having a strong attitude finally and feel I am the force in my future. Learning from. Those along the way. You have a distinct voice and Im glad you have found this outlet to share on. I am a fan of your self awareness. Keep true to yourself. You are a good read for sure. Thank you Vic

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