dreams 4

We watched a movie together

In which his love was proven when

He joined her in her descent into madness

Rather than abandon her


I am not certain that I could join you

If madness were your fate

But the madness of my love

Would never allow me to desert you

When you needed me most


I would stand with you as you go

Through your private hell

Holding your body as you tremble

Lending my ears as you scream out your agony


Drown in your eyes as your tears make a lake

Follow in your footsteps as you wander

Your path to nowhere


Believe in your words that have no meaning

Love you unconditionally because you are my heart


Never giving up on you

Beneath your temporary shell of insanity


I would help you break that shell

For you to see, once again

The light of love

That even madness

Cannot extinguish

sun in sky



From my book:



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