A Vision of Peace


My brother comes to me in a dream

And speaks to my heart

The silence penetrates the stillness

A mist-like fog swallows my body

woman dreaming 4

My arms outstretched

But I touch nothing

A feathery lightness grazes my shoulder

Then is gone

gentle spirit

A quiet whisper and a playful breeze

Gently lifts my hair

But I see nothing

A soft caress trails across my arm

Giving me a sense of something known

But forgotten

loving spirit

A feeling of trust overwhelms

A shadowy face appears

A well-loved smile shines

Through the haze

ray of sunshine

The voice

Tells me my worries

Can be put aside

His soul is at peace


His diseased body

Now left behind

His mind is at ease

My anxieties fade away

My brother is finally free

a vision of peace


From my book:




2 thoughts on “A Vision of Peace

  1. Arlene says:

    Love it..very meaningful…he was a handsome young man

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