Two Doors

~This was written by my daughter. 

By Allison New

 two doors

In the moment of death, she closed her eyes. When she opened them, she stood before two black doors, in an empty room.

As she stared, knowingly at the doors, a warm presence came to her. He asked which door she would chose.

She knew without question, that one door would lead to Heaven and the other to Hell. There were no distinctive markings; there was no indication as to which eternity she would walk into as she passed through her ominous door.

Her mind raced, she tried to remember every good and bad thing she had done in life. She weighed the choices she had made, the words she had said, and the things she had done. In her mind she placed her Earthly life onto a scale. As it moved back and forth, she felt a growing fear in the pit of her stomach. The scale was leaning towards the darkness.

She had failed, she was going to Hell. She couldn’t go back. She couldn’t change her past.

She turned to the Angel standing next to her. Tears pouring from her eyes.

“I tried to be good. I tried to be kind. I did my best.”

The Angel stood still, his eyes deep, and unwavering.

She fell to the floor, where she cowered, and trembled in fear of what was to come.

Finally, the Angel spoke, “You must open your door.”

She tried to stand, but fell, she looked to the Angel for help; but he had left.

This was her moment, she was alone.

She crawled and dragged her tired body across the floor. Her eyes fixed on her door. Her heart was broken and empty.

Her soul was screaming.

She reached for the cold, brass door knob, and pulled herself up.

As she began to turn the door knob, she thought of her children and the happiness they brought to her life. In her last moment of peace, she thought of their smiles and heard their sweet voices one more time.  With her last bit of strength she pushed the door open, and fell.

She fell into the arms of the Angel, and was enveloped into love.

She cried out with fear and joy.

She knew instantly that the man before her was no Angel; this was the son of God.

She looked into the eyes of her savior and saw the face of the Lord.

She wept into his arms, “I thought I was damned. I thought I would burn.”

He looked to her and said, “You did not deny me on Earth, nor shall I deny you in Heaven. I gave my life, so you would live, and you shall live with me for all eternity.”


6 thoughts on “Two Doors

  1. Yay! I love this. may we all get heaven.Ps, you have a very talented daughter.

  2. Amazing and beautifully done

  3. debra colby says:

    Personinpoesia, Allison is 28 and she has been writing most of her life. She wrote her first book when she was maybe 8…called The Rabbit Story. 😀 It was a picture book with her own drawings and words. It was a special gift for me and I cherished it. I still have it tucked away w/her other childhood memories. She has yet to be published, but I know someday she will be. When she wrote this for me, I cried. It is heart-warming and shows me how much she loves me. She is my heart. ❤

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