Sexy? Hell yeh!

womens magazines

Reading a woman’s rag mag is quite an eye-opener  and being a woman I thought I had the whole woman thing figured out. Come to find out I know squat about being a real woman. I discovered I was so far out of the loop that I almost wasn’t a woman.

Here’s a list of the finer points of being a woman that educated me.

Women over forty ARE SEXY! Who knew? And dammit, all this time I’d been thinking wrinkles, creases, saggage and stubbornness were turn-offs. Come to find out a lot of men are excited by a woman that has some life experience and isn’t afraid to show her true self. In fact, it seems to take the pressure off of them to not be so concerned about how they look.

football man

Alpha women are the new alpha male. An independent woman who can take care of herself, is assertive, aggressive and opinionated seems to be a much sought after trait. And it only took fifty shades of grey to proof it.


That a woman’s body is her temple…she just needs to know how to accessorize it properly.

kim and sheet

with a sheet


a scarf


and of course…a pair of wings.

Make-up is now done in a way that it needs to look like we’re not even wearing make-up…despite the layers we put on to make it look that way.

highlighting and contouring

Exercise is still one of the healthiest ways to stay young. Just stay away from gyms where young people go.

But if forty is considered sexy, damn what the hell is sixty gonna be? So friggin’ excited! I’m gonna rock my independence by wearing what I feel like…

wear wut i feel like

throw away my make-up and dance the night away…

Yeh…it’s gonna be good.

so good






Let It In

waiting for love

I’ve waited and waited for you to see me

See that I’m worth it

That I have so much to give

So much to offer


But you don’t want it

Don’t need it

You’d rather be alone

Rather be on your own

bitter and alone

Don’t want to trust anyone

Don’t want to give your heart

Afraid to give up your independence

In order to share your life with another


I can’t keep trying to convince you

That I don’t want to hurt you

That I don’t want to change you

That I don’t want to own you

alone and bitter

What’s the alternative?

Alone, distrustful, bitter, angry

You could have so much more

If you’d only open the door

And let your heart walk thru

To the open arms on the other side

And let them wrap around you

monster on other side

Let you see that love is nothing to be afraid of

In the end it really is all you need


scary love





Big Ass Grin

colorful woman

The perspective has changed.

What once seemed so wrong now seems absolutely right.


Guilt and the worry of what others might think

Now gets tossed out like a bag of dog shit

Because it is shit.



dog poop


Why worry about how you might shake up someone else’s

Sense of normal or what they feel is wrong or right.




Your life is your own…you were meant to live it.

Not twist your head in circles to see who might be watching

And condemning.


If you’re going to look, search for the person who is nodding his head

And wearing a big ass grin.

Because he’s the one who knows exactly who you are and loves you for it.


big pig grin

The Graveyard


The landscape was littered with colors of blue, green and yellow.

The latest casualty caused by a fourteen year old fellow.


The run was fast, the ground solid and packed.

He set off at a speed too quick to catch.


He hit the jump, flying several feet in the air.

It knocked the wind out of him as his mother said a prayer.


He stood triumphantly, his arms flung high in victory.

The blue plastic sled though, was now history.


We looked at the others sadly left on the hill.

Used and abused, then abandoned after having lost their thrill.


The boy tossed his sled beside the others.

His sister shrugged,  “Oh well, we’ll just get another.”


Not a tear was shed at this white covered graveside.

Because after all, they’re sleds and really, there’s no need to cry.