Two Doors

~This was written by my daughter. 

By Allison New

 two doors

In the moment of death, she closed her eyes. When she opened them, she stood before two black doors, in an empty room.

As she stared, knowingly at the doors, a warm presence came to her. He asked which door she would chose.

She knew without question, that one door would lead to Heaven and the other to Hell. There were no distinctive markings; there was no indication as to which eternity she would walk into as she passed through her ominous door.

Her mind raced, she tried to remember every good and bad thing she had done in life. She weighed the choices she had made, the words she had said, and the things she had done. In her mind she placed her Earthly life onto a scale. As it moved back and forth, she felt a growing fear in the pit of her stomach. The scale was leaning towards the darkness.

She had failed, she was going to Hell. She couldn’t go back. She couldn’t change her past.

She turned to the Angel standing next to her. Tears pouring from her eyes.

“I tried to be good. I tried to be kind. I did my best.”

The Angel stood still, his eyes deep, and unwavering.

She fell to the floor, where she cowered, and trembled in fear of what was to come.

Finally, the Angel spoke, “You must open your door.”

She tried to stand, but fell, she looked to the Angel for help; but he had left.

This was her moment, she was alone.

She crawled and dragged her tired body across the floor. Her eyes fixed on her door. Her heart was broken and empty.

Her soul was screaming.

She reached for the cold, brass door knob, and pulled herself up.

As she began to turn the door knob, she thought of her children and the happiness they brought to her life. In her last moment of peace, she thought of their smiles and heard their sweet voices one more time.  With her last bit of strength she pushed the door open, and fell.

She fell into the arms of the Angel, and was enveloped into love.

She cried out with fear and joy.

She knew instantly that the man before her was no Angel; this was the son of God.

She looked into the eyes of her savior and saw the face of the Lord.

She wept into his arms, “I thought I was damned. I thought I would burn.”

He looked to her and said, “You did not deny me on Earth, nor shall I deny you in Heaven. I gave my life, so you would live, and you shall live with me for all eternity.”


A Vision of Peace


My brother comes to me in a dream

And speaks to my heart

The silence penetrates the stillness

A mist-like fog swallows my body

woman dreaming 4

My arms outstretched

But I touch nothing

A feathery lightness grazes my shoulder

Then is gone

gentle spirit

A quiet whisper and a playful breeze

Gently lifts my hair

But I see nothing

A soft caress trails across my arm

Giving me a sense of something known

But forgotten

loving spirit

A feeling of trust overwhelms

A shadowy face appears

A well-loved smile shines

Through the haze

ray of sunshine

The voice

Tells me my worries

Can be put aside

His soul is at peace


His diseased body

Now left behind

His mind is at ease

My anxieties fade away

My brother is finally free

a vision of peace


From my book:


It’s Just Love

love letters

It doesn’t have to be said

It doesn’t have to be written

Words are just words.



It’s a touch

A hug

An embrace


look of love

A caress

A look


whispering lovers

It’s listening




pure love

It’s giving

Without taking


full moon

It’s simply being

And knowing

That you don’t have to be together,

To be together.



It’s not that hard to love.

Because it just is.


Fear is a Four Letter Word

I was afraid, until I wasn’t.


I thought I needed someone to pay my way, until I didn’t.

in the arena

I thought I was invalid, my opinions worth nothing, until I learned my value.


I believed I wasn’t strong enough, until I became strong.

she could

My pride and dignity took a blow, but I came out fighting.

strong woman

Regret and indecision were my middle name, until I changed it.


I worried that love may never come my way again, but found it within.

love yourself

Be happy and happiness will find you.

happy girl

Heart Over Head

heart over head


I’ve always been a firm believer in listening to what your heart is telling you. Over the years others have told me, “Listen to your heart, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.” Truer words have never been said.

In high school, things were rough. Keeping out of trouble, when I hung out with kids who were trouble, was a challenge. We weren’t the tire-slashing, breaking and entering kind of trouble. We were more the wise-ass, smart-mouth kind of trouble. As kids, we didn’t use our heads when making plans to do things, so listening to my heart was how I made my decisions. I never wanted to appear to be “uncool” in front of my peers so I never really listened to my head when it was telling me not to smoke or drink, but my heart wanted those friends and I let it guide my decision on whether the fun they were offering was going to be harmless or put us too deep into outhouse.

When someone would tell me, “that boy is trouble.”  I wouldn’t listen, even though my head knew the person was right and I was sure to get a broken heart, my heart spoke louder; telling me to go for it because he was the kind of trouble a girl only gets one shot at and that she might as well enjoy it while she could.

When I became pregnant with my first child, I worried about what kind of mother I’d be. I’d never had a baby, what did I know about taking care of a baby? How was I going to be able to raise a child, when I was just a naïve young woman? My head pounded with anxiety, but my heart was screaming at me to listen. It told me that no matter what mistakes I was bound to make, the love I had for my child would outweigh my ineptitude.

I can’t begin to count how many times throughout the years that I’ve been undecided about the choices I’ve had to make, and in the end decided to simply listen to what my heart was telling me. My head would be screaming, “No! Don’t do it!” And my heart would override my head.

Recently, my life has been ruled by my heart. For years I’ve been living and listening to my head. After a rocky marriage and riding an unending roller coaster ride, I decided to get off the ride and try to find some solid ground. There were a million and one reasons to stay on the ride, but only one to get off. And my head almost won with its logic and reason, but my heart spoke up for the first time in a long time. It told me that it was finally time to start thinking about what makes me happy and not what makes everyone else happy; that I had been putting everyone else’s needs before mine for so long that I had completely forgotten what I needed.

My head told me that it wasn’t going to be easy being on my own, but my heart chirped in again. “Easy isn’t always easy.”

The heart always knows.


love louder






The Future isn’t the Past…

It always comes back to the past.

the past 1

 The past determines the future – if you let it.

the past

Love is shared and given freely – give it.

 love 1

Respect is as simple as opening the door – open it.


Honor raises its hand to its heart or takes off its hat – it doesn’t spit on

Or remove the symbol that was fought for in order for it to fly high – honor it.


The future is determined by how we respond to the past – make it worthwhile.