Let It In

waiting for love

I’ve waited and waited for you to see me

See that I’m worth it

That I have so much to give

So much to offer


But you don’t want it

Don’t need it

You’d rather be alone

Rather be on your own

bitter and alone

Don’t want to trust anyone

Don’t want to give your heart

Afraid to give up your independence

In order to share your life with another


I can’t keep trying to convince you

That I don’t want to hurt you

That I don’t want to change you

That I don’t want to own you

alone and bitter

What’s the alternative?

Alone, distrustful, bitter, angry

You could have so much more

If you’d only open the door

And let your heart walk thru

To the open arms on the other side

And let them wrap around you

monster on other side

Let you see that love is nothing to be afraid of

In the end it really is all you need


scary love






Singledom vs Wedded Bliss

conan red sonja 2

Singledom comes out swinging

Fighting off the power that love is bringing.

Singledom pushes hard to the chest

Wedded Bliss reaches out to gently caress.


Singledom steps back and slaps the hand

That offers the shine of a golden band.

She raises her fist and tries to connect

With the smooth, square jaw that leads to a neck.

wonder woamn


Wedded Bliss captures her fist

And covers it with a warm, easy kiss.

Singledom feels her resolve slowly melt

Even before his soft lips are felt.

love 4


She snatches her hand firmly away

Not wanting her denial of love, to sway.

She prefers her independence, never needing a man

Relying only on herself, she makes her stand.

love 2


Hands on her hips, eyes defiant

She challenges him to keep on trying.

The challenge accepted, he strokes her arm

Willing her to see, he means her no harm.

love 1


She closes her eyes, not wanting him to see

The love that she so secretly needs.

She’s always been tough

Fighting her heart, keeping it rough.



She peers through long lashed eyes

Being careful, so he doesn’t realize

That she needs this man, who is willing to go toe to toe

This man who claims to be in it for the entire load.

anime love


Love, marriage, children, he wants to commit

To this woman who valiantly tries to resist.

anime love3


She tries for one last effort to KO love.

A throw to the heart

To keep him far and apart.

Again he covers her fist fully with his grasp

Pulls her strongly to him, her breath catches and rasps.

He lowers his head, his lips kiss with demand.

She pushes him away, with force and command.

anime love2


As she tells him, “You’ve lost.”

He leans into her to whisper, “Round one goes to Singledom, but the battle’s not over.”

“Round two will show Bliss to be like as lucky as a four leaf clover.”


He smiles and kisses her with heat-filled passion.

Unwillingly she feels her heart slowly crashing.

anime love 8


From my book:


A Man Who’ll Dance

dancing feet

It’s been said you should fall in love with a man who makes your stomach drop when he walks into a room; a man whose smile melts your heart; a man who with one long up and down glance can make your clothes fall right off.
That this man might be the man you were meant to be with forever. The Ying to your Yang; the heat that scorches your soul.

Then ask your mother what her opinion of him is and she’ll tell you – “He’s gonna break your heart, that kind of man always does.”

You’re young though and this is the first time you’ve ever felt this way, so you’ll defend him. “No way! He loves me! He’s the love of my life.”

Your mother will smile and pat your hand. “Oh honey. Just enjoy this moment – cuz that’s all he’ll be. In the long run, look for a man who makes you laugh and will take you dancing. Because those are the things that last.”

couple dancing 2

You’ll roll your eyes and call your mother crazy. You’ll forget that she’s probably been down this road – maybe even once or twice – and that she might just know what she’s talking about. Still, you’ll shake your head and question her advice. What does she know? She’s been married to your father for a gazillion years, how could she
know what it’s like to have a man set her heart on fire?

Six months later though, when her arms are around you and your crying your eyes out over, “the one true love of your life” she won’t say, “I told you so.” She won’t patronize you; she won’t laugh at your foolish stubbornness. In fact she won’t do anything except hold you and rock you as you weep.

She’ll brush away your tears, tell you how much she loves you and smooth your hair as you fall into a broken-hearted sleep. She’ll do exactly for you what her mother did for her. Because she’ll know, as her mother knew, that your heart will mend and that you’ll fall in love again. She’ll know because she’s had her heart broken by the same kind of man. She also knows that this won’t be the first broken heart you’ll suffer from, that you’ll likely fall in and out of love several times until the real love of your life comes along. Because she knows that love is as much a necessity as food and water. That life isn’t as good without it.

couple dancing 1

She knows this because she’s been married to your father for a “gazillion” years. That they found one another after many broken hearts and tears. Because he’s the one who can still make her laugh when life doesn’t seem so funny. That he’s the one who takes her dancing just to see her smile as he twirls her around the dance floor.


Yes, your mother knows this and until you discover it, she’ll be there to wipe away your tears each time you trip over your feet instead of letting them lead you to the man who’ll take you dancing.

old couple dancing

Your mother knows all this, but she also knows you’ll figure it out on your own and that someday you’ll share that wisdom with your own child, just as your grandmother did with her. And she also knows that your child will think you’re as crazy as you think your mother is and that you’ll be there to smooth your child’s hair after that first broken heart.

Yup – that’s life and love.

rainbow flower