Let It In

waiting for love

I’ve waited and waited for you to see me

See that I’m worth it

That I have so much to give

So much to offer


But you don’t want it

Don’t need it

You’d rather be alone

Rather be on your own

bitter and alone

Don’t want to trust anyone

Don’t want to give your heart

Afraid to give up your independence

In order to share your life with another


I can’t keep trying to convince you

That I don’t want to hurt you

That I don’t want to change you

That I don’t want to own you

alone and bitter

What’s the alternative?

Alone, distrustful, bitter, angry

You could have so much more

If you’d only open the door

And let your heart walk thru

To the open arms on the other side

And let them wrap around you

monster on other side

Let you see that love is nothing to be afraid of

In the end it really is all you need


scary love







Today is that day.

Not a moment to waste.

Off my ass



I was supposed to do something?

On my day off?


F**k it…

I’m watching TV and listening to “classic rock.”